Haendel (G.F.) A-Z Bass Opera Arias (Baritone and Bass-Baritone). Sheet Music /Vocal Scores in Authoritative Editions in the Public Domain, High Resoution Scans (600 dpi). Sheet Music for Immediate download. Accompaniments download through iTunes, Amazon.com and CD Baby.com. Download der klassischen Musik Noten/Descargar partituras de musica clasica/Scarica di partiture di musica clasica /Baixar partituras de música clássica/Téléchargement de partitions classiques/Downloaden van de klassieke muziek scores/Ladda om klassisk musik noter/Nedlasting av klassisk musikk score/download af klassisk musik scoringer/Lataa klassisen musiikin nuotit/Letöltés klasszikus kották/Pobierz z klasycznych nut/Stiahnite si klasickej hudby skóre/下载音符/시트 음악 다운로드/ダウンロード音符/ Piano Accompaniments Download/Download Klavierbegleitung/acompañamiento de piano descarga/scaricare accompagnamento di pianoforte/acompanhamento de download de piano/téléchargement d'accompagnements de piano/Download pianobegeleiding/nedladdning pianoackompanjemang/nedlasting pianoakkompagnement/Download klaverakkompagnement/download pianon säestyksellä/akompaniament piano download/Скачать сопровождении фортепиано/Спампаваць суправаджэнні фартэпіяна/下载钢琴伴奏/다운로드 피아노 반주/ピアノ伴奏をダウンロード/. All Arias in alphabetical order. - classicalsingerdownloads.com k1AQgCKfZHWC_XsqvS0_I0P0C0o


it *:      translation in german has been erased, only the original language (italian) has been kept, together with the original arrangement of the notes 


germ.* :translation in italian has been erased, only the original language (german) has been kept, together with the original arrangement of the notes 


This editing has been adopted by www.classicalsingersheetmusic.com for the sake of clarity, thus allowing the singer to write his own translation (preferably word to word) under the notes.

Please note that we have not added anything to the Original Edition, and thus our work is not subject to copyright.   



Notendownloade in jeder Stimmlage: Hoch, Mittel, Tiefe stimme.

Descargar  partituras en cada tessitura: Voz Alta, Media y Baja.

Scaricare spartite in ogni tessitura: Voce Alta, Media, Bassa

telechargement de partitions pour chaque tessiture: Voix haute, Moyenne, Basse.


/시트 음악을 다운로드/당신 튜브 링크/높은 소리, 중간 소리, 깊은 목소리