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Fauré Songs Vol.1 (10 Favorites) Accompaniments for Medium and High Voice. Xavier Palacios, Piano

Fauré Songs Vol.1 (10 Favorites) Accompaniments for Medium and High Voice with Transpositions/Xavier Palacios, Piano, on Apple Music. CLICK ON THE IMAGE to listen to the tracks


For Soprano, Tenor, Light Mezzo, Baritone. With Transpositions matching Authoritative Editions.

31 Tracks

Download Album $7.99 or individual tracks $1.29 


Lowest key is always Medium (Baritone and Mezzo)

Other Keys are for Soprano and Tenor


With Transpositions matching Authoritative Editions


  • Après un Rêve Op. 7 No 1 in C minor, D minor (original key), B minor
  • Au Bord de l' Eau Op. 8 No 1in C Sharp minor (original key), C minor
  • En Prière in F Sharp Major, F Major, E Flat Major (original key)
  • Clair de lune Op. 46 No 2 in B Flat minor (original key),C minor, B minor
  • La Chanson du pêcheur Op. 4 No 1 in A minor, G minor
  • Le Papillon et la Fleur Op. 1 No 1 in C Major (original key), D Major, B Major
  • Les Berceaux Op. 23 No 1 in B Flat minor (original key), B minor, C minor
  • Le Secret Op. 23 No 3 in F Major (original key), E Major, E Flat Major
  • Lydia Op. 4 No 2 in G Major (original key), F Sharp Major, F Major
  • Nell Op.18 No 1 in G Flat Major (original key), F Major, E Flat Major (2 Tempi)