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info on Vaccai Practical Vocal Method for Low Voice (Baritone/Mezzo). Lesson 1 in B-Flat Major. Xavier Palacios. Sheet Music

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Sheet Music Download: Vaccai Practical Method for Mezzo or Baritone. First Lesson in B-flat Major, Ed. Schirmer.Download: $2.89. Available only in www.classicalsingerdownloads.com.


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Vaccai Practical method, Schirmer Ed. for Mezzo/Baritone. Lesson 1 in B-Flat Major.


Vaccai Practical Method for Mezzo or Baritone. First Lesson in B-flat Major, Ed. Schirmer.A4

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Sheet Music Download: Vaccai Practical Method for Baritone or Mezzo. Ed. Peters: $2.89



Vaccai Practical Method for Low Voice (Tiefe Stimme). Lesson 1 in B-flat Major, Ed. Peters..A4

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Vaccai Practical Method Peters Ed. for low Voice (Tiefe stimme). First Lesson in B-flat Major.

Vaccai Practical Vocal Method Accompaniments. For Low Voice (Baritone/Mezzo). New album. 42 tracks. Lesson 1 in B-Flat Major. Matching Schirmer and Peters Edition for Mezzo and Baritone. Xavier Palaci

Vaccai Practical Method Accompaniments with Melody Added: Mezzo [With Transpositions].Matching Schirmer Ed. Lesson 1 in B-flat Major; Xavier Palacios, Piano, on Apple Music.CLICK ON THE IMAGE to liste

Vaccai Practical Method Accompaniments with Vocal Melody Added: Baritone with transpositions matching Schirmer, Peters and Ricordi Editions. lesson 1 in B-Flat Major. Xavier Palacios, Piano, on Apple


Vaccai Practical Method, Accompaniments for Low Voice: Mezzo-soprano, Baritone, Lesson 1 in B-Flat Major. With Transpositions matching Authoritative Editions

42 Tracks (New Album)
Download Album $7.99 or individual tracks $0.99

  • Lesson I, The Diatonic Scale : Manca sollecita in B Flat Major (All Editions)
  • Intervals of the Third :  Semplicetta tortorella in F Major (Ricordi), E Major (Schirmer), E Flat Major (Peters)
  • Lesson II, Intervals of the Fourth : Lascia il Lido in G Major (Ricordi) , F Major (Peters)
  • Intervals of the Fifth : Avezzo a vivere in Major (Ricordi), D Flat Major (Peters) ,C Major (Schirmer)
  • Lesson III Intervals of the Sixth : Bella prova in G Major (Ricordi, Peters), A-Flat Major (Schirmer)
  • Lesson IV Intervals of the Seventh : Fra l'ombre  in B Flat Major (All Editions)
  • Intervals of the Octave : Quell'onda che ruina in Major (Ricordi), B Flat Major (Schirmer, Peters)
  • Lesson V Half tones or Semitones : Delira dubbiosa in E Flat Major (All Editions)
  • Syncopation : Nel contrasto amor s'accende in Major (Ricordi) , F Major (Schirmer, Peters)
  • Lesson VII Runs and Scale Passages : Come il candore in F Major (All Editions) (3 Tempi) 
  • Lesson VIII The appogiatura taken from above or below : Senza l'amabile in F Major (All Editions)
  • The Accaciatura : Benchè di senso privo in D Major (All Editions)
  • Lesson IX The Mordent : La Gioja verace in G  Major (All Editions)
  • Different ways of executing the Mordent : L'augelletto in lacci stretto in D Major (Ricordi, Peters) ,E-Flat Major (Schirmer)
  • Lesson X Introductory to the Grupetto or Turn : Quando accende un nobil petto in Major (All Editions) (3 Tempi)
  • The Grupetto or Turn : Più non si trovano in Major (Schirmer, Ricordi) , D Flat Major (Peters)
  • Lesson XI Introduction to the Trill or Shake : Se povero il ruscello in E Flat Major (All Editions) (2 Tempi)
  • Lesson XII runs and Scale Passages : Siam navi all'onde in B Flat Major (All Editions)
  • Lesson XIII Portamento :  Vorrei spiegar l'affanno in F Sharp Major (Ricordi), G Major (Schirmer, Peters)
  • Portamento The second way :  O placido il Mare in F Major (All Editions)
  • Lesson XIV The Recitativo :  La Patria è un tutto  in F Major (All Editions)
  • Lesson XV Recapitulation :  A la stagione de' fiori in F Major (Schirmer, Ricordi) , E Major  (Peters)

Vaccai Key Table .jpg

Vaccai Practical Method of italian Singing/Complete Key Table

Remember that Vaccai Practical Method, as well as Parisotti's Arie Antiche are made to secure the middle range of the Voice. This is why the "Medium" Albums are suitable to a Soprano or Tenor, and the "Low" Albums to a Mezzo and a Baritone.

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