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For Baritone, Mezzo. Bass, Contralto, Countertenor. With Transpositions matching Authoritative Editions.

For Baritone, Mezzo. Bass, Contralto, Countertenor...
22 Tracks

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  • Ave Maria, D 839 (Franz Schubert) in A Flat Major, G Major, F Major
  • Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod) in E Flat Major, C Major, B Major
  • Ave Verum K 618 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) in D Flat Major
  • Bist du bei mir BWV 508/ (johann Sebastian Bach) in B Major, A Major
  • Greensleeves (Traditional) in F Sharp minor, E minor, D minor
  • Ich liebe dich Op. 5 No 3 (Edward Grieg) in C Major, B Flat Major
  • Jesu, Joy of Man's desiring BWV 147 (Johann Sebastian Bach) in G Flat Major
  • Laudate Dominum K 339 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) in D Major, C Major
  • Panis angelicus (César Franck) in G Flat Major, F Major, E Major
  • Wherever you walk (Georg Frideric Handel) in G Flat Major, F Major

Key Tables of Interpreters on You Tube

Key Tables of Interpreters on You Tube
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Ave Maria (J.S.Bach-Ch.Gounod)

Medium-Low Voice in E Flat Major
Sheet Music: John Church Co Edition PD (1885). Plate 4509=3 (imslp). In Latin : Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) for Medium-Low Voice in E Flat Major.

Janet Baker (no longer available on you Tube)

Celtic Woman

Low Voice in D Major
Sheet Music: Download at   Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) for Low Voice in D Major.

/Krum galabov: Ave Maria (J.S.Bach-Ch.Gounod) in D Major. At 0'10"
Contralto/Aafje Heynis: Ave Maria (J.S.Bach-Ch.Gounod) in D Major
Bass-Mezzo/Jean Michel Azon/Lise Lienhard: Ave Maria (J.S.Bach-Ch.Gounod) in D Major

W.A.Mozart : ave Verum Corpus K 618

See Wedding Songs Accompaniments for High and Medium Voice

Bist du bei mir (J.S.Bach/G.H.Stôlzel)

Bist du bei mir (J.S.Bach/G.H.Stôlzel)
no Sheet Music available yet, stay tuned.
Low Voice in A Major

Countertenor/Andreas Scholl: Bist du bei mir (J.S.Bach/G.H.Stôlzel) in A Major

Medium-Low Voice in B Major
Contralto/Aafje Heynis : Bist du bei mir (J.S.Bach/G.H.Stôlzel) in B Major (slow)

Greensleeves (Traditional) : Harmonic minor version

Medium-Low Voice in F Sharp minor
Sheet Music: Lead Sheet (Vocal Melody and Chords)Download at Greensleeves (Traditional)  for Medium-Low Voice, in F Sharp Minor (Harmonic Minor Version)

""The Tudors "  Mezzo or Baritone : Greensleeves in F Sharp minor
Low Voice in E Minor
Sheet Music: Lead Sheet (Vocal Melody and Chords)Download at : Greensleeves (Traditional) for Low Voice in E Minor (Harmonic Minor Version)

/Amy Nuttal: Greensleeves in E minor (orchestral arrangement in the Harmonic Minor mode)
Low Voice in Dm
Sheet Music: Lead Sheet (Vocal Melody and Chords)Download at Greensleeves (Traditional) for Low Voice in D Minor (Harmonic Minor Version)

Countertenor /Alfred Deller: Greensleeves in D minor (in the Harmonic Minor)

Melodies of the Heart, Op 5 N° 3 : Ich liebe dich (Edward Grieg)

Melodies of the Heart, Op 5 N° 3 : Ich liebe dich ...
Medium-Low Voice in C Major (original key) 

Sheet Music: Edition Wilhem Hanse, Copenhagen, 1908. In Danish: Ich liebe dich, Op 5 N° 3 (E.Grieg) for Medium-Low Voice in C Major (original key) Edward Grieg

Soprano/Barbara Bonney:  Melodies of the Heart, Op 5 N° 3 : Ich liebe dich (E. Grieg) in C Major. In Danish.

Sheet Music: Edition C. Prüfer PD (1881) -imslp In German and in English: Ich liebe dich Op 5 N° 3 (E.Grieg) for Medium-Low Voice in C Major (original key) 
Soprano/Elizabeth Schwartzkopf:Geoffrey Parsons: Melodies of the Heart, Op 5 N° 3 : Ich liebe dich (E. Grieg) in C Major.. in German, translation : Holstein).
Mezzo/Bibiana Nwobilo: Melodies of the Heart, Op 5 N° 3 : Ich liebe dich (E. Grieg) in C Major. in German.
Baritone/A. Bondarenko: Melodies of the Heart, Op 5 N° 3 : Ich liebe dich (E. Grieg) in C Major. at 3''06" (in German)

Sheet Music: Edition Peters PD, Translator Frank V. Van der Stucken in French: Ich liebe dich ("je t'aime"), Op 5 N° 3 (E.Grieg) for Medium-Low Voice in C Major (original key) Edward Grieg. 

Low Voice in B Flat Major

Sheet Music:
 Edition Peters PD (imslp) In German, in English (imslp): Ich liebe dich, Op 5 N° 3 (E.Grieg) for Low Voice in B Flat Major (original key).
Sheet Music: Edition Peters Edited by Hans Schmidt, PD (imslp) In German only (imslp):  Ich liebe dich, Op 5 N° 3 (E.Grieg) for Low Voice in B Flat Major (original key) .

Baritone/Jan Janda: Melodies of the Heart, Op 5 N° 3 : Ich liebe dich (E. Grieg) in C Major. (in German)

Jesu joy of Man's Desiring/jesus que ma joie demeure/Jesu bleibet meine freude/Jesus sigue siendo mi alegria BWV 147 -10 (J.S. Bach)

 Medium-Low Voice in G Flat Major
Sheet Music: Breitkopf& Härtel Edition, PD (imslp): Download Whole Cantata BWV 147 "Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben" ,Vocal Score, Pages 28-34. in G Major. For Medium-Low Voice (Baroque Version) Transpose from G Major to G Flat Major

To transpose in G Flat Major is  easy. sing the G Major score in G Flat Major, and replace the F natural by a F Flat. 

Nikolaus Harnoncourt: Jesu joy of Man's Desiring BWV 147 -10 (J.S.Bach) in G Flat Major (Baroque version) detuned a whole tone down
Tom Koopman: Jesu joy of Man's Desiring BWV 147 -10 (J.S.Bach) in G Flat Major (Baroque version) detuned a whole tone down

W.A.Mozart : Laudate Dominum (Vesperae Solennes de Confessore K 339)

see Wedding Songs Accompaniments for Medium and High Voice info

Panis Angelicus (César Franck) from "Messe Solennelle" Op. 12

Medium-Low Voice in G Flat Major

Mezzo/ Elvira Garança: Panis Angelicus (C. Franck) in G Flat Major
Contralto/Aafje heynis: Panis Angelicus (C. Franck) in G Flat Major

Low Voice in F Major
Sheet Music: Order at Sheetmusicplus: Panis Angelicus (C. Franck), Low Voice in F Major
Sheet Music : Download at (simplified accompaniment): Panis Angelicus (C.Franck), Low Voice in F Major

Low Voice in E Major

Dolores O'Riordan:  Panis Angelicus (C. Franck) in E Major

Wherever you walk (Semele HWV 58) Georg Friedrich Handel

Medium-Low Voice in G Flat Major 
Sheet Music: Download at Wherever you walk, from "Semele" HWV 58, Act II sc. 3.(G.F.Händel).The Vocal Score is in G Major, Transpose it in G Flat Major (medium-Low Voice).

To transpose in G Flat Major, sing the score in G Flat, the f natural becomes e, the d# becomes d natural the g # becomes g natural. Also suitable for Baritone or Bass Baritone.

Countertenor/Andreas Scholl: Wherever you walk from "Semele" HWV 58, Act II sc. 3. (G.F.Händel). in G Flat Major
Contralto/Kathleen Ferrier: Wherever you walk from "Semele" HWV 58, Act II sc. 3. (G.F.Händel). in G Flat Major 

Low Voice in F Major
Sheet Music : Download at from "Semele" HWV 58, Act II sc. 3. (G.F.Händel).Low Voice in F Major.

Baritone/Brent Rahn: Wherever you walk from "Semele" HWV 58, Act II sc. 3. (G.F.Händel). in F Major

All languages

All languages
Sheet Music/Vocal Scores in Authoritative Editions in the Public Domain, High Resoution Scans (600 dpi). Sheet Music for Immediate download. 

Download der klassischen Musik Noten/Descargar partituras de musica clasica/Scarica di partiture di musica clasica /Baixar partituras de música clássica/Téléchargement de partitions classiques/Downloaden van de klassieke muziek scores/Ladda om klassisk musik noter/Nedlasting av klassisk musikk score/download af klassisk musik scoringer/Lataa klassisen musiikin nuotit/Letöltés klasszikus kották/Pobierz z klasycznych nut/Stiahnite si klasickej hudby skóre/下载音符/시트 음악 다운로드/ダウンロード音符


Accompaniments with/without Vocal Melody Added, and Sheet Music for the Classical Singer. Sheet Music, Vocal Scores in High Resolution (600 dpi), Links to Interpreters in Every Voice Range: High, Medium and Low Voice.Piano accompaniment download through iTunes and Amazon mp3.

Klavierbegleitung/Ohne mit Gesangsmelodie (am Klavier gespielt): Opera und Lieder für Klassische sängern (mp3)/Notendownload, klavierauszûge/Links auf you tube in jeder Stimmlage: Hoch, Mittel, Tiefe stimme. iTunes/Amazon MP3

Acompanamientos de Piano con/Sin la melodia (tocada al piano): Opera y Lieder para cantantes clasicos (mp3) /Descargar  partituras/enlaces aYoutube en cada tesitura: Voz Alta, Media y Baja.iTunes/Amazon MP3

Accompagnamento di pianoforte col/Sine la melodia Vocale (suonata al pianoforte) : Opera e canzoni classiche per cantanti (mp3)/Scaricare partiture/Link a Youtube in ogni tessitura: Voce Alta, Media, Bassa. ITunes/Amazon MP3

Piano acompanhamento / col / Sine a melodia vocal (interpretada ao piano): Opera e canções clássicas de cantores (mp3) / Sheet Music Download / link para o Youtube em todos os tecelagem: Item Alto, Médio, Baixo.ITunes/Amazon MP3

Accompagnements de Piano avec/sans la mélodie (jouée au piano): Opera, Lieder et Melodies pour les chanteurs classiques./telechargement de partitions/Liens Youtube pour chaque tessiture: Voix haute, Moyenne, Basse. ITunes/Amazon MP3

Profesjonalne akompaniamentem fortepianu, dodatkami z Vocal Melody Dodano i Nuty na Classical Singer. Nuty w wysokiej rozdzielczości (600 dpi), Linki do tłumaczy każdy głos obszarze: wysoki, średni i niski Voice.Piano akompaniament do pobrania poprzez iTunes/Amazon MP3.

Professionele Pianobegeleiding, begeleidingen met Vocal Melody Toegevoegd, en bladmuziek voor de Klassieke Singer. Bladmuziek in hoge resolutie (600 dpi), Verwijzingen naar Tolken in Every Voice Range: High, Medium en Low Voice.Piano begeleiding te downloaden via iTunes/Amazon mp3.

Професійні Супровід фортепіано, супровід з вокальною мелодії додали, і ноти для класичної співачки. Ноти у високому дозволі (600 точок на дюйм), посилання на перекладачів в кожен голос Діапазон: високий, середній і низький Voice.Piano супровід завантаження через ITunes/Amazon MP3

Professionella Piano Ackompanjemang, tillbehör med Vocal Melody till, och Noter för Klassisk sångare. Noter i högupplöst (600 dpi), Länkar till tolkar i varje Voice Range: Hög, Medium och Låg Voice.Piano ackompanjemang nedladdning via iTunes och Amazon MP3.

Profesionální klavír Doprovody, doprovody s pěvecké Melody přidali a noty pro klasickou Singer. Noty ve vysokém rozlišení (600 dpi) Odkazy na tlumočníky v každý hlas Rozsah: vysoká, střední a nízká Voice.Piano doprovod ke stažení přes iTunes a Amazon MP3.

Professional Piano kísérőzenét kísérői a Vocal Melody hozzá, és kotta klasszikus Singer. Kotta nagy felbontású (600 dpi) Hivatkozások tolmácsok minden Voice tartomány: magas, közepes és alacsony Voice.Piano kíséret letölthető az iTunes és az Amazon mp3.

Επαγγελματικές Συνοδευτικά Πιάνο, συνοδευτικά με φωνητικό Melody Προστέθηκε και Παρτιτούρες για την κλασική Singer. Παρτιτούρες σε υψηλή ανάλυση (600 dpi), Σύνδεση με Διερμηνείς σε κάθε Voice Σειρά: Υψηλής, Μέσης και Χαμηλής Voice.Piano συνοδεία κατεβάσετε μέσω του iTunes και το Amazon mp3.

ליווי מקצועי לפסנתר, ליווי ווקאלי עם מלודי נוסף, ותווים לזינגר הקלסית. גיליון מוסיקה ברזולוציה גבוהה (600 dpi), קישורים למתורגמנים בטווח קולי בכל: להורדת ליווי גבוהה, בינונית והנמוך Voice.Piano דרך iTunes ואמזון MP3.


Professionel klaver akkompagnementer, akkompagnementer med Vocal Melody Added og noder til klassisk sanger. Noder i høj opløsning (600 dpi), links til tolke i hver Voice Range: Høj, Medium og Low Voice.Piano akkompagnement download via iTunes og Amazon MP3.


Professional Piano Accompaniments, lisukkeita kanssa Vocal Melody Lisätty, ja nuotteja Klassinen Singer. Nuotit suuriresoluutioisina (600 dpi), Linkit tulkkien Jokainen Voice Range: korkea, keskitaso ja pieni Voice.Piano säestys ladata iTunesin kautta ja Amazon mp3.


Profesjonell piano akkompagnement, akkompagnement med Vocal Melody inn, og noter for klassisk sanger. Noter i høy oppløsning (600 dpi), Lenker til Tolker i Every Voice Range: Høy, Middels og Lav Voice.Piano akkompagnement nedlasting via iTunes og Amazon mp3.


Професионални Пиано съпровод, съпровод с Vocal Melody добавя и Sheet Music за класическа певица. Sheet Music с висока резолюция (600 DPI), линкове към Interpreters във всяка Voice Range: високо, средно и ниско Voice.Piano съпровод изтегляне чрез качи и Amazon MP3.




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