Mozart Lieder V.1 Low Voice Accompaniments - k1AQgCKfZHWC_XsqvS0_I0P0C0o

Mozart Lieder Vol. 1 Accompaniments for Low Voice with Transpositions. Xavier Palacios, Piano. On CD Baby (World). Each Track: $1.29

For Mezzo, Baritone, Bass, and Contralto. With Transpositions matching Authoritative Editions.

For Mezzo, Baritone, Bass, and Contralto. With Tra...

24 Tracks
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  • Abendempfindung K 523 in E Flat Major, D Flat Major
  • Als Luise K 520 in B Flat minor
  • An Chloe K 524 in C Major
  • An die Einsamkeit K 391 in G Major, F Major
  • An die Hoffnung "ich w"Ich würd auf meinem Pfad") K 390, in C minor, B Flat minor
  • Dans un bois solitaire K 308 in F Major, E Major
  • Das Lied der Trennung K 519 in D minor, D Flat minor
  • Das Veilchen K 476 in E Major, E Flat Major, D Major
  • Die Alte K 517 in E minor (original key)
  • Die betrogene Welt K 474 in F Major, E Major
  • Die Verschweigung K 518 in E Flat Major
  • Lied zur Gesellenreise K 468 in A Flat Major
  • Komm liebe Zither, komm K 351 in B Flat Major , A Major
  • Oiseaux, si tous les ans K 307 in A Major
  • Sehnsucht nach dem Frühlinge (Komm lieber Mai) K 569 in D Major