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Se il tuo duol, se il mio desio. Aria for Tenor, W.A.Mozart, Ed. Litolff 147. A4 Pdf  

W.W. Mozart (1756-1791

W.W. Mozart (1756-1791

Idomeneo, Re di Creta, or simply Idomeneo (K.366) is an Opera Seria with a libretto from Varesco, inspired from Metastasio. Mozart becomes truly himself with this Opera. Far beyond Glück and the rigid structure of the metastasian drama, he magnifies every Aria: The impressive "fuor del mar", the astounding Electra's "tutte nel cor vi sento" (The premises of the "Queen of the night" Aria), the touching orchestration of "se il padre perdei", and the perfection of "Zeffiretti lusinghieri", are striking examples. Idomeneo was composed between 1780 and the beginnings of 1781, and premiered in Munich ion the 29th of January 1781. The part of Idamante (a castrato) was changed to a Tenor for The Viennese performance in 1786.  

Se il tuo duol, se il mio desio (Aria for Tenor). W.A.Mozart: Idomeneo K.366, Vocal Score. Ed. Braunschweig-Litolff 147 (1900). italian (PD). originally It-germ. High Resolution scans (600 dpi) for immediate download $1.89

Se il tuo duol, se il mio desio (Aria for Tenor). ...



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Idomeneo, Ed. Braunschweig-Litollf 147 (1901), Vocal Score. COVER. Double-click for a closer view.

Idomeneo, Ed. Braunschweig-Litollf 147 (1901), Voc...

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