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Will the sun forget to streak . Soprano Aria, G.F.Haendel: Solomon, HWV 67 (G.Gervinus), Ed. Peters (A4) 

G.F.Haendel (1685-1759)

G.F.Haendel (1685-1759)

Solomon, HWV 67,  is an  Oratorio composed by G.F. Haendel in 1748, with a libretto by newburg Hamilton (Alson the librettist of Samson). It was first performed at the Theatre Royal in London on 17 March 1749, with two further performances; The role of Solomon  was a breech role (travesti or "hosenrolle"), it also refers to any male character that is sung and acted by a female singer. the part is sung today by Alto voice types (Mezzo-Sopranos rather than Contraltos), and Countertenors. The distinction between Contraltos and Mezzos did'nt exist at Haendel's time. Act 3 starts with the famous Sinfonia "The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba", preceding the Recitative and Air by the Queen: "Every sight these eyes behold".


May peace in Salem ever dwell!...Will the sun forget to streak...Recitative and Aria for Soprano (Queen of Sheba). G.F.Haendel: Solomon, HWV 67. Vocal Score (G.Gervinus), Ed. Peters, PD..Sheet Music (A4). 7 pp. High Resolution scans (600 dpi) for immediate download: $1.49. ONE CLICK FOR A LARGER VIEW

May peace in Salem ever dwell!...Will the sun forg...
The beginning of the Aria is displayed here. The Score includes the preceding Recitative.



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G.F.Haendel: Solomon, HWV 67. Vocal Score (G.Gervinus), Ed. Peters <757, HW 26> PD

G.F.Haendel: Solomon, HWV 67. Vocal Score (G.Gervi...

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