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Your words, oh King. Aria for Alto, G.F.Haendel: Saul, HWV 53 (G.Gervinus), Ed. Peters (A4) 

G.F.Haendel (1685-1759)

G.F.Haendel (1685-1759)
Saul, HWV 53,  is a Dramatic Oratorio composed by G.F. Haendel in 1738, with a libretto by Charles Jennens, taken from the First book of Samuel (around 600 BCE); It was first performed at the King's Theatre in London on 16 January 1739, and the premiere was a success. the part of David was originally written for a Countertenor  (Mr Russel), with probably had a "light" Voice, then at some point, the part was given to the Mezzo-Soprano Maria Antonia Marchesini (La Lucchesina), who also sang the part of the Witch of Endor. Note that some David's Arias can be sung by a Tenor or a Soprano (but not the whole part).

Your words, oh King, my loyal heart with double ardour fire. Aria for Alto/Countertenor (David). G.F.Haendel: Saul, HWV 53.Vocal Score (G.Gervinus), Ed. Peters (1925) PD. Sheet Music (A4).2 pp. High Resolution scans (600 dpi) for immediate download: $1.49. ONE CLICK FOR A LARGER VIEW

Your words, oh King, my loyal heart with double ar...



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G.F. Haendel:Saul, HWV 53, Vocal Score G.Gervinus, Ed. Peters (1925) <514, HW 13>

G.F. Haendel:Saul, HWV 53, Vocal Score G.Gervinus,...
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